• The Voyage

    Cutting through waves A swath of foam; Green-gray curdles Trail underfoot. A raft of makeshift hopes, Adrift for days And aimless: Steered blindly on. Beyond the mist, Cobbles and ...

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    The Voyage
  • Who Cares

    I live this strange little existence--I don't even know what it's supposed to be. Strangled, laden with shattered stuff: fragments of a heart once beating and pumping tangy blood. I ...

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    Who Cares
  • Stone

    Stolen from the aria Of crashing forest waters, Ripped like a body's heart; A-bleeding A stone. Stories of war shattered Long since; Dead hearts wielding World War II's disease ...

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  • Shoes

    The soles antediluvian of my hollow being sustain with silent patience, or patient silence, the blunt end of your insecurities and neuroses. Have you ever thought of the beatings I get ...

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Shirley Siaton


This is Shirley Siaton's writing portfolio

Shirley is an award-winning author in English, Filipino and Hiligaynon. She is a literary and journalism honors recipient of the Stevan Javellana Foundation, Philippine Information Agency, and MOD Magazine. Her columns, prose and poetry have been published since 1995. Her plays have been staged throughout the Philippines.

Based in Muscat with her family, Shirley is working on her first novel series. She is a CrossFit athlete and among Oman's premier fitness trainers. She serves as the national Les Mills Tribe Coach and SquatWolf Gym Wear brand ambassador.

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