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    I was born in the Philippines, in a much simpler era when smartphones were still unheard of, but today I am a citizen of the world. I am a professional writer, web developer, performing artist, ...

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    Ink Woven is link-free. Kindly direct your links to https://inkwoven.com. Thanks! Our Websites Shirley Parabia Shirley's official website Shirley Siaton Shirley's official author ...

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    Listed here are various ways by which you can get in touch with Shirley. You can view further information on booking for writing projects and sponsorships. E-Mail shi @ shibytes.com Writing ...

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    Ink Woven is an original writing website by author Shirley Siaton. This is the "house of boundless stories", where dreams and nightmares converge. For more of my written work, please visit my ...

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