Inkwoven.com is owned by Shirley Siaton-Parabia. This domain was registered on 2 October 2002 and is currently a division of ShirleyParabia.com. It is a writing portfolio, containing lists of published outputs and sample works, among others.

Below is the etymology of its name, as supplied by Dictionary.com:

º Ink [noun] // A fluid, or a viscous material or preparation of various kinds [commonly black or colored], used in writing or printing

º Woven [adjective] // Constructed by interlacing or interweaving strips or strands of material

Taken together, the words indicate works that were created, woven, from one of art's most basic, essential substance, ink. I very much like this name because it beautifully, poetically denotes things that sprang from one's raw, true creativity.


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       Version.1 // Old Rose

Current design features a non-royalty stock photograph from Kali's Web Shoppe. It was heavily edited using Adobe Photoshop 7.0, with a good number of layers and filters, and spliced with Image Ready.

Version name is from the "old" look and feel of the design, which features a single white rose. HTML coded by hand using Notepad.

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