Linked below are samples of my works that have been published. All pieces available herein belong to the author and their respective publishers. Please do not repost on your site or claim any of these as your own work as such acts are subject to civil penalties and/or criminal prosecution.

º A Fat Girl Thing
Published :: The Accounts Initial Public Offerings 1999 (Literary Folio)
The Skinny :: A fat girl on thinner, prettier girls, her own body and sexuality

º Disruption
Published :: The Accounts Initial Public Offerings 2000 (Literary Folio)
The Skinny :: Subversive romance in the new millennium

º Foodcourt
Published :: The Philippine Star, 18 September 1998
The Skinny :: The passage of cruel time

º Fudge
Published :: The Philippine Star, 24 October 1997
The Skinny :: For unwed teenage mothers who had the courage not to abort

º Graduation Day
Published :: The Philippine Star, 12 April 1997
The Skinny :: Letting go is more like it

º Jihad
Published :: The Accounts Initial Public Offerings 1999 (Literary Folio)
The Skinny :: "Religious war" :: Sunday-morning sacrifices and struggles

º Other
Published :: The Philippine Star, 13 November 1998
The Skinny :: Unrequited and pained

º Shoes
Published :: The Philippine Star, 19 July 1997
The Skinny :: The ever-changing soul, um, sole

º Stone
Published :: The Philippine Star, 3 May 1997
The Skinny :: A memory left untreasured, unremembered

º The Voyage
Published :: The Accounts, August-October 1997 Magazine
The Skinny :: Written while watching fishing boats and barges :: after a mosquito-laden night

º Who Cares?
Published :: The Philippine Star, 15 August 1997
The Skinny :: Living against the odds

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