a trilogy on unnamed sensations

  • Stave first: Lost
is all there is to it.
in my line of vision.

  • Stave second: Taken
You live in my head
Like cancer
You disrupt my system
As Y2K would
A system non-compliant
At millennium turn

You live in my head
Like a dream
You make me waken
In the dead of night
Breathless, empty, wanting
In the guileless dark

You live in my head
Like an echo
You speak without yielding
As the unwelcome does
An unwanted temptation
Taking me by storm

  • Stave third: Sightings
I am blind
I cannot see behind the mask
I pull over my own eyes
Like a curtain
My mask
My disguise

I am blind
I am bound
By my own darkness
My own unforgiving soul
My own expectations
My pride

I am blind
And I am safe
In this void
Where I remain

~exerint omnes~

This work is copyright 2000 The Accounts and Shirley Siaton-Parabia.
Please do not take, repost or distribute in any form without express written permission.